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Scott Whittle, LMFT

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Hello! My name is Scott and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. If you are feeling
anxious, depressed or distressed; if your relationships are struggling or out of balance; if your
past is showing up in the present; if you are giving yourself away way too much; if your
emotions are all over the place; if self-medicating has you numbed out; if your self-care is
suffering or nonexistent — I am here to help. I provide judgment-free care to individuals,
couples, and families in need of a safe relational space to heal, grow and move beyond the
same-ol’-same-olds of life.

Together, we will figure out an action plan for creating the life and relationships you want.
Whether it is you, or you and your partner, or you and your family, I will join with you, gather
information, and help assess your situation. Then we will begin a process of prioritizing what to
start addressing. We will co-construct goals and get to work. Therapy can take on any shape
that is necessary to meet your needs. There will be times when I direct you. At other times, I’ll
just be a focused and empathic listener. You will be heard and treated with the kindness and
compassion you deserve. You will learn a lot about yourself in this process.

The biggest strengths I offer in therapy include helping people with relationship issues, self-
esteem issues, codependence, and other addictive patterns. This includes relationships with
oneself, partners, and families, as well as friends and coworkers. I help people regain
confidence in their strengths and abilities, implement healthy self-care strategies, and put
imposter syndrome to rest. There are also relationships one may have with organizational
environments, and life purposes. I help people see how patterns emerge as attempts to find
ways to cope with emotional, relational, existential, and spiritual pain and often to reclaim what
they thought they had lost.

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