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Natania Lipp, M. Ed.

      Headshot 2022.jpeg

My name is Natania Lipp, M.Ed.. I am currently completing my doctorate in Counseling Psychology. My focus of study is the prevention of gender-based violence (domestic violence, sexual assault, LGBTQ+ violence). As a therapist, I work with people who have problems related to intimate partner violence, reproductive health issues, trauma and loss, and identity development. I have trained to be a therapist in a variety of settings, including college counseling centers and hospitals.

My approach is primarily person-centered and feminist, meaning that I think each of us is the expert in our own lived experiences. I work to create an environment where clients feel safe enough to be their most authentic selves. I also believe that our identities are closely related to how we approach, and navigate, the problems we face at different stages in life. I am open to talking about how the world around us might impact our experiences and strive to help empower others to find their voice.

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