Integrative Psychology Group, LLC

An innovative, multi-specialty psychology practice

IPG Mission statement

                                                                Integrative Psychology Group, LLC.

                                       A cooperative practice with an integrative approach to growth and healing.



Mission Statement


Who are we?


We are a group of professionals who want to make a personal difference in other people’s

lives. We want to provide you, our clients, with the best experience possible when you

seek out our care….and so we bring our best selves to our practice every day. We

strive to be authentic and honest in sharing the mission of providing you with expert

care that makes sense to you.


What do we offer?


We share our knowledge and our compassion with you, so that you can work towards

your best life. We honor everyone and have respect for the challenges that you face,

whether those are a result of circumstance, or the burden of mental health concerns.

We offer a peaceful, safe environment where you can rest and work on who you want to

be. We care for you now, so that you can build the best most fulfilling life, now and in

the future.


How do we serve? 


We seek to be empathic, culturally sensitive and inclusive in our work. We believe that

we can offer our best to you by working collaboratively to find the path that will guide

you furthest on your journey. We have a talented group of providers with different areas

of expertise that we match with your needs, so our collective wisdom is available as

needed. We give our best so you can have the best experience.


What means do we use? 


We are flexible to provide the most appropriate care and the most appropriate medium that fits you. This may be strategic short-term therapy, trauma focused care, or insight oriented long-term treatment. This may be online, or in-person care, or a combination. You can be sure that your treatment will be tailored to your needs. You can be assured that you will receive respect and sincerity by the best clinician for YOU.




“We provide the personal connection between expertise and compassion to ensure the highest quality experience for our cli

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